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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ktv at greenbox

first of all :
1) i dont update my blog on the same day whatever happens
2) is it weird to upload 3 new posts on a same day ?? LOL

anyway. today i went to ktv with the ktv princess yue yue (hong gick)
*without her i cant sing high pitch songs T.T*

it took me an hour to reach there! wth.. i missed a turn and i ended up going super big round. instead of 20 minutes journey .. yes i took a FREAKING 1 HOUR..

when i was there.. i was alone though. gick haven reach = =
so i checked in 1st.( dont wana waste time ma )
this was the conversation at the counter :

counter : have u booked any room ?
me : nope
counter : how many ppl ?
me : 2 persons (i was alone )
counter : are u sure 2 person?? cause if in the end only 1 person we still charge 2 person rate.
me : -________-'''''''''''''' yes 2 person.

walao eh~ i looked so pathetic meh? - -''''' maybe she didnt mean or maybe i'm just too sensitive XD

after 10 min or so .. yue yue appeared. we sang til the last min. was fun though XD
but sadly it reminds me of my last ktv session with our gang T.T

this was a farewell ktv for QIqi (Tsu qi ) , regan, minjia, spiderpork were not there though

( yes it was my idea to pose like that -_-''' ) near to the head ^^V

this is now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 2 of us. T_______T

is it me or i look weird in the pic? lol
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Rock Climbing

it was last wednesday we finally can work out our plan for rock climbing at the extreme park nearby shah alam stadium.

i was with spider piggy ( sufen) well u guys can call her spider pork/ spider babi too XD XD
i was actually kinda worry that they wont let her into the park for rock climbing cause she's not HALAL! haha i din mentioned that to her anyway otherwise will get a good spanking from her. haha

oh well this was seriously our first time. we sort of thought rock climbing is quite easy.
who knows!!!!!!! we were wrong -__- nt as easy as it looks wow... must be real good in coordinating arms n legs n body balance ler @@!!!

anyway i went up first. i made it though i was kinda slow cause of 2 reasons :
1) i'm short! i have short legs n arms! i cant reach the stone easily T__T
2) i was figuring out how to balance my body so i wouldnt fall XD

spider piggy did it pretty fast -__-
here comes the song ~~

~~ spider pig .. spider pig..~~
~~ does whatever what spiderpig does~~
can it swim no it cant.. BUT IT CAN CLIMB! LOL

wahahahahahaa~! i cant stop laughing XD
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RED BULL mobile energizer~~~~ vrooom

hey guys i'm back with more updates. =)

i have been working for red bull malaysia for almost a month now. thought of sharing the fun and energy with u all bout my working experience wheee!

(me wearing redbull tee..yes yes hair was kinda messy though lols)

okay, actually a mobile energizer gets to drive in their customize mini cooper around klang valley to do outdoor sampling ( did i mention mini cooper?? =D)
and yes we sample those working adults only.

this is the mini cooooooper! awesome rite ? (but i haven get the chance to drive it yet..was at the 'hospital' during my shifts )
p/s : that's my team leader taaaara lols

last week i went sampling with tara at A&W near damansara area or sri hartamas..(tak tau la)
after we have done..the manager belanaja us rootbeer with DOUBLE SCOOP of vanilla ice cream ( we were like woah~! )
took some pic though but they r with tara now T.T

til then ciaoz~~
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

13th june CAT T2 UK examination

the last major exam i took was spm. i screwed it up badly that i swore i will not repeat my mistakes again in college. Eventually, i sort of did it FOR NOW.

I cant imagine if i failed this paper yesterday. LOL it was a computer based exam and because of that i will get to know my result right after. (just like undang only the difference is CANT CHEAT)
Seriously if i failed the paper, i dont know how will i react.. most likely i will hide in my room for days and not meet anyone. LOL this paper actually meant alot to me. it is for me to gain back the confiedent i have lost in spm. T.T

okay so after i have completed and double checked my answers, i clicked the exit button and waited for my result to appear. That few seconds were fulfill with horror and gan jiong-ness seriously! between fail and pass. i passed of course with good score. thank god. i hope i can do exactly like this in every papers until i have completed my ACCA . BLESS ME SERIOUSLY, BLESS ME!
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

aaron & amber

i bet all of u do not knw that i actually had 2 fishes recently. basically one was ducky's (hsin yit-.-) but he abandoned his with me lar that heartless guy.

okay we actually bought them cause we never see fighting fish fights before lol. (y i sounded so evil) anyway. when we put them to fight they acted like gentlefishes. wth right.

ok. mine was the red 1(as shown in pic). named amber XD, ducky's is aaron the blue 1. DONT ASK ME Y THEY HAVE THOSE NAMES. lol..since i rare those fishes in their 'cups' i had to clean the cups frequently -_-
okay...fish poops right ? so one day i was on my 'monk' mode. i thought it should be fine by pouring out the water and shits into the toilet bowl while my amber is still in the cup.
i did it carefully k!!!!! eventually amber jumped into the water! i mean toiler bowl to be exact! WTF right ?!
i tried to save it. dont ask me how i tried =.= and i failed. so RIP Amber. i did not even dare to use the toilet bowl for days -_- i felt guilty wth..

okay my next victim is aaron. lol. since amber is gone i thought i wana return it to ducky.
so we planned to study for our Uk exam at a cafe in late afternoon.
i brought aaron along. it was 3something in the afternoon.
i forgot to bring it out.i left it until it was 6pm.
i hand it over to ducky til i realised aaron was upside down. again...WTF RIGHT?!!!
the heat was too hot and so aaron was dead cause of that we assume.
cant believe i terkilled 2 fishes. lol (and the sun is not as friendly as it looked=__=)i told the fish story to my parents. they say i should never have any pet = =''''''''


In the memories of amber & aaron (LOL)
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

my 'doggy' , my driver XD

Well guys who say dogs cant drive ?look at my doggy wahahaha

it drove me back home. look at the windscreen. the car is really on the road kay. lol

alright .. alright enough of being dumb dy. my bro was driving though. too bored thats y did wu liao thing lol
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cousin's wedding 09

Went to my cousin's wedding with my dad and elder bro recently. lols
Mum had to stay at home to take care of me denggi lil bro -_-''

alright. to begin with it. i would also conclude it with
~ okay location
~ okay food
~ but never will be the wedding i dream of hahaha

u c my cousin bro married a thai lady XD she is actually quite nice. cooked super hot tom yum for me before and told me just a bit spicy ( walao eh after i ate my lips like red balloons lol)

there i managed to take a pic with her on her wedding day xD

Okay so it started out with my bro wanted to have some carlsberg. so i waved at the beer lady to pour us some. LOL once we started we couldnt stop. not that we were alchoholics but the beer lady kept refilling after very few sips we drank (like the beer is gonna expired tmr -.-''')

i told my bro to tell our dad we were having chinese tea just in case he asked. (the color of the beer is exactly the same with the tea lol)
Guess what.. my dad actually asked and he believed us until the freaking beer lady came up to refill our glasses -_____-''' swt sia

2 different looks after i had the beer

<<< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_NtqC7_kv7NM/SdWU4GatecI/AAAAAAAAACI/BmUSG-4Fq-0/s1600-h/03212009374-1.jpg">

<<<< wtf??? i look so drunk.. like an angry drunker lol

my wedding dream will be a secret unrevealed =D ( nola actually haven thought of it yet haha)
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

WELCOME 2009 hahaha

CRAP. i haven blog since 2007 -.-'''

oh well. new year new start of my blog hahas.
maybe i shall blog somethin interesting.

Valentines Day perhaps ? oh yea.

14.02.09 another unforgettable day in my life =)

i freaking needa work on that day. for anyone who still didnt know. i'm handling an oral care campaign as a supervisor now. glad that my promoter who is under me is my bestie QIQI lol! okay enough of that. since i finished my work at 9pm that means i only have 3 hours left to celebrate valentine before the clock strikes 12 = =

WELL.. a
fter 9. he brought me to Osaka at bbk for dinner xD almost every restorans we passed by pun full house. -_- luckily when we arrived at Osaka SO NGAM got 2 empty seats. lol. to be honest the food was really good (to me lar) he ordered valentine special set.
GOT osysters @@ 1 roll of sushi , miso soup, fish , lamb ribs and sashimi. good aint ?
i enjoyed that day too much that i forgotten to capture some pics - . - " (hate myself for dat though)

okie after dinner vin said he wana show me somethin. but freakin punya. he drove me around the housing area at klang which idk exactly where la - -'''

when i felt unexpected the most suddenly boom! i turned back n i saw fireworks displayed in the sky xD it was release middle of the field there. A__A he stopped the car. we went down and enjoyed it. it was awesome !

(imagine if he do this in shah alam- . - sure kena tangkap lol)

oh ya not to forget the pretty gifts i received from him. Mng WHITE bag xD love it.

thanks alot for that day babe =)
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Sunday, December 09, 2007

My chemical Romance ..LOL

I've been to the click five , good charlotte and MCR's concert so far..
the best 1 was good charlotte.. maybe bcoz i was the VIP.. haha
anyway.. i went to stadium merdeka last night to watch MCR rocks malaysia for the 1st time..

To be honest.. it wasn't a reli good concert.. here are the reasons..:
1) bad whether(it was raining T__T) + bad venue
2) smokers
3) just like every other bands.. they kept us waiting for too long...

LOLs.. anyhow.. i paid RMxxx and it was quite worth it bcoz sufen and i were manage to push ourselves to the front..wahaha
the crowd gone wild when the band performed the songs 'teenagers', 'welcome to the black parade' , 'i dont love you' and lastly 'famous last words'.. with all the jumping and singing out loud.. it was indeed a rock concert i always expected and wanted..xD

I'm still waiting for my number 1 fav band to come back to malaysia again..
i was told SIMPLE PLAN is coming to SINGAPORE BUT NOT MALAYSIA =_=
oi..kinda broke my heart ... dots....
if santa reli do exist.. all i want for x-mas is...... SP.. lol..


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Thursday, January 04, 2007

If people would jus understand......

when u lose ur hopes in life
do u still hav the point of living ?
oh..wat am i talking =.=

my point is i really wish ppl would understand wat i want n how i feel
coz i'm real bad in expressing myself though..
i hate it alot when ppl misunderstand me
it happens all the time
i would jus shut myself up n jus let the misunderstanding to happen

anyway.. i dun think any of u would understand dis post 100%
urm.. jus trying to post somethin today

i'm in a down mood >.<
just yell at my lil bro (the stupid fly)
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